Spas Markov, Simeon Rafailov, Stefan Traykov, Nikolay Todorov
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Spas Markov, Simeon Rafailov, Stefan Traykov, Nikolay Todorov


The Voice of Drums

on Saturday, November 9, 2019 at 8 PM

at Polinero Place Club
5, Vrattsata Str., Plovdiv, Bulgaria 

Four drummers playing in the bands Krossfire, Zuum, Kikimora and Obraten Efekt will embark on an adventure showing a different rendition of some of their work. A different point of view at a groundbreaking event. An evening, which will show their music in a different light. From the perspective of drums as a means of self-expression. The art of handling rhythm. 

The Voice of Drums will be held at the Polinero Place Club in Plovdiv, 5, Vrattsata Str. on Saturday, 9th of November 2019, starting at 8 p.m.

Doors open at 7.30pm.

The Voice of Drums project focuses entirely on the art of percussion and drums in particular. It features drummers from popular rock bands in Bulgaria. It was created by drummers with great hearts. The purpose of the first edition is to show the drummers in a new light under the sound of drums. For the first time, we will hear the point of view of those guys who usually only speak the language of music.

They are about to lift the curtain and tell us what they think and feel while playing and composing.

The first edition features:

Spas Markov – Krossfire 
Simeon Rafailov – Obraten Efekt
Nikolay Todorov – Kikimora 
Stefan Trajkov – Zuum 

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We are in for an exciting night with Spas Markov, Simeon Rafailov, Stefan Traykov and Nikolay Todorov.


The Voice of Drums. Tickets

Nikolay Todorov

Nikolay Todorov

Nikolay Todorov was Born in Varna in 1986 in a family of professional musicians. Ever since he was four, he had been overwhelmed by the variety of percussion that became fundamental to his upgrowth.
He graduated the music school in Varna and then the State Music Academy "Pancho Vladigerov" in Sofia. He has been awarded a number of national and international competitions for percussion instruments. He has performed in several rock bands and has participated in the implementation of a number of musical projects.
He currently plays in Kikimora

Simeon Rafailov

Simeon Rafailov

Simeon Rafailov was born in 1969 in Sofia. Only 6 years old, he started playing drums and the piano. His first band was Luminal, founded in 1987. With his second band Electric Shock he has released two albums. In the first album he played the guitar (1993) and in the second one on the drums (1997). He also co-founded the band Obraten Efekt where he is currently playing. The band has 3 albums (2000, 2001, 2018).
Style: Metalized ethno-ska with retro-punk motives

Spas Markov

Spas Markov

Spas Markov was born in 1984 in Plovdiv. His enthusiasm about drums came in early childhood, but he started playing at the age of 16. Together with Georgi Driev, Georgi Kushev and Nikola Ivanov he co-founded the band Krossfire in 2001, that was later joined by Dimo Petkov and Peter Boshnakov. He still plays in the same band. They have released two albums with the German label Pure Steel Records, who spread their music all over the world. The albums are Learning to fly and Shades of darkness.
Style - power-progressive metal

Stefan Traykov

Stefan Traykov

Stefan Traykov - 36 years old, born in Plovdiv
He has been part of a significant number of different projects not only in Bulgaria, but also in Europe, to mention some of them: Tone Damil - winning Music idol Norway - 1-album, Two Ton Predator - Sweden - 1 album, Mathias Jakolunda – Sweden – 1 album, Ivaylo Ranov - Sheki – 1 album, Headshot, Zuum – Bulgaria – 2 albums.
He is currently part of the bands Zuum and Headshot.
Style - metal

Ivan Dimitrov Cholakov, 13 years old

The Voice of Drums. Tickets

Ivan studies at "Emilian Stanev" School in Veliko Tarnovo, in an artistic profile class of Margarita Rachkova.
His love for music and his own foundations was discovered by his first teacher, Ilina Kerina, initially with handy means - two large pencils and a bucket bottom.
The path to real instruments was short. Thanks to the teaching skills and patience of Emil Kosturkov, the results didn’t take long to come. During the fourth grade graduation party, he played with Vasco The Patch’s Poduene Blues Band in front of his classmates. In the meantime, he joined the Junior Band, under the star gaze of Yordan Tsvetanov, with which they perdormed to their local audience in Veliko Turnovo, and at Apollonia Fest in Sozopol, Notes On The Sand in Kiten, in Plovdiv – the European Capital of Culture, in Sofia and more, as well as abroad at the Festival of Wind Orchestras in Kazan, Tatarstan Republic in the Russian Federation, the Festival of Arts in Italy with performances in Bercheto, Parma, Piacenza and others.

Agliea Kaneva, 12 years old

Agliea Kaneva. The Voice of Drums. Tickets

Agliea Kaneva is 12 years old from Plovdiv. Music is her way of expressing herself and understanding the world. With pop and jazz singing, she has won over 50 prizes and awards in international and national competitions. Jazz is her passion. In addition to singing, she enjoys playing the piano and drums. This year she was admitted to study percussion instruments at the Dobrin Petkov National Music School. She dances and attends theater classes. She is fascinated by horses and riding. She believes that music makes us better.

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Organizer: The Voice of Drums
Venue: Polinero Place