Soundart Festival 2019
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Soundart Festival 2019

 Asociatia OST Cultural Events


Soundart Festival 2019

progressive rock/metal, Poland
southern/stoner metal, Greece
stoner/sludge metal, Poland
stoner/psychedelic metal, Poland
avantgarde/post-black metal, Hungary

stoner/hard rock, Romania
progressive metal, Malta

from 8 to 10 March 2019

at Quantic Club
Șoseaua Grozăvești 82, București, Romania


The third edition of SoundArt Festival will take place in March on the 8th, 9th and 10th at Quantic Club in Bucharest.

The first announced bands are: Riverside, Planet of Zeus, Sunnata, Perihelion, Weedpecker, Purple Caravan and Viper Soup Complex. More bands will be revealed soon.

Soundart Festival 2019 Lineup

RIVERSIDE – progressive rock/metal, Poland

SoundArt 2019 Riverside

Riverside is a great entry point to today’s Progressive Rock, because unlike most modern Prog bands, they are not primarily focused on advancing the technical aspects of the music. Much like Pink Floyd, Marillion, and Queensryche, Riverside are concerned with the songs themselves – the soundscapes, textures, and emotions of it all.

SUNNATA – stoner/sludge metal, Poland

SoundArt 2019 Sunnata

Sunnata’s music sticks out as highly unique.’ – Decibel Magazine
‘This band can mix doom, grunge and dark psychedelia and push it to the next level’ – Cvlt Nation
‘Sunnata are leaders, or even pioneers, showing with their latest album that walking your own path is the only way to survive’ – Noise Magazine

WEEDPECKER – stoner/psychedelic metal, Poland

SoundArt 2019 Weedpecker

Weedpecker have never tried to hide their reverence and affection for the sweet leaf, but unlike so many other bands mired in self-indulgent riff worship, their propensity for mind alteration is immediately and unmistakably evident in their music.
The atmosphere the band creates is offset by an interplay of heavy riffing, etherial vocals and progressive structures.

PERIHELION – avantgarde/post-black metal, Hungary

SoundArt 2019 Perihelion

Band hailing from Hungary, formerly known as Neokhrome, mixing progressive metal with extremer moments, mostly black metal, and shoegaze, post-rock flavors.
Majestic, soaring, chaotic soundscapes floating towards the farthest regions of what mind can grasp…

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First Day Tickets – 15 BGN – announced so far: Perihelion
Second Day Tickets – 20 BGN – announced so far: Sunnata, Weedpecker
Third Day Tickets – 30 BGN – announced so far: Riverside

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SoundArt Festival is an event dedicated to stoner, post and progressive rock & metal, but also all manner of arts. In the past editions, SoundArt Festival hosted bands like Klimt1918, Stoned Jesus, Nightstalker, Exivious and many more.

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Organizer: Asociatia OST Cultural Events
Venue: Quantic Club