Folk Metal Party with BLODIGA SKALD from Italy
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Folk Metal Party with BLODIGA SKALD from Italy

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Live in Sofia



at Club Live & Loud in Sofia, Bulgaria 

8 Pozitano str., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

on 13.05.2018


Folk metal party with BLODIGA SKALD from Italy in Sofia

The Italian folk metal BLODIGA SKALD return to Bulgaria! The band will play on May 13th at Club Live & Loud in Sofia.

Presale ticket price is 12 BGN. On the day of the event their price will be 15 BGN.

Doors open at 20:00
Show starts at 21:00

BLODIGA SKALD were established in 2014 in Rome. The band's style is inspired by bands like Finntroll, Ensiferum, Children of Bodom, Equilibrium, Arkona and others.

BLODIGA SKALD Live in Sofia, Bulgaria. Tickets


We will warm up with FireSouls from Veliko Tarnovo! Their style is a mix of Heavy and Power Metal.

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drunk'n FOLK METAL band from Rome

Band Members
Urlatore - Axuruk "quello scarso" Kaleniuk
Strimpellatore - Ghâsh "barbaro saccente" (Daniele Foderaro)
Fisarmonichella e Tastieraia- Tuyla "gloriosa in frattaglia" (Ludovica Faraoni)
Violinatrice - Maerkys "senzamani" (Vittoria Nagni)
Zappatore - Rükreb "cosa ci faccio qui" (Emanuele Viali)
Percussionante - Vargan "don tamburello" (Nicola Petricca)

Blodiga Skald is born in Rome in 2014 from an idea of drummer Nicola Petricca and guitarist Daniele Foderaro and soon after joining the project singer and flutist Anton Caleniuc, keyboardist and accordionist Ludovica Faraoni, bassist Emanuele Viali and violin player Vittoria Nagni . The idea is to mix the modern Metal sound with a folk carefree one, focusing the songwriting on the (mis) adventures of a group of orcs ready to do anything to slaughter other more "noble" races. After some live performances they decide to release the band's first EP, Tefaccioseccomerda, in November of 2015.

A Little Story For The Little Ones

Once upon a time, one very ugly orc named Ghâsh, was coming back home from a battle thinking of a good pint of home but...

First thing he did was meet his old friend Vargan, who was the priest of the local temple. After hours spent talking and drinking some fine but they both decide to go on an adventure to tell all orc clans the stories and traditions of their own race.

Taking with them the first three grunts they met, they started their deed and stopped at the first tavern where they started telling the story of our legendary "Grunder".

Once they've finished, an orc female approached Ghâsh saying "Hey, I'm waaay better playing the accordion. So why do not we just leave this one here to drink and go on without him?"

Ghâsh did not need convincing. Her reputation precedes her. "You're Tuyla, I know who you are. Ok let's go!"

After many years of spending together, Ghâsh, Vargan and Tuyla decide to leave the other two grunts and Tuyla calls her old friend Axuruk whom she met on one of his campaigns and Rukkreb the Noble one.

Many seasons passed. Many tales told. But the orcs missed something. And they did not know what it was. It was like a void growing inside their heads.

One night, when all was in the sleep, and was Rükreb's turn to stay on watch, he noticed something moving behind a big oak tree. He approached the mysterious shadow and noticed the hybrid: half orc, half goblin. They all knew that half orcs were forced into a life of exile and loneliness.

Everyone noticed the void starting to disappear when Ghâsh finally asked the question "What's your name for your child and would you like to join our band?"
"They call me Maerkys, and I’d like that!"



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Organizer: ICreative Events
Venue: Club Live and Loud