pg.lost + aswekeepsearching, Live in Sofia
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pg.lost + aswekeepsearching, Live in Sofia

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Live in Sofia, Bulgaria

on 25.05.2018

at Club Live & Loud
8, Pozitano Str., Sofia, Bulgaria

pg.lost live at Club Live & Loud in Sofia on May 25th!

Their last album titled „Versus“ emerged out of a song idea, that consisted of two very different and contrasting ideas, which were never planned to be one song, but ended up complementing each other. Versus doesn't necessarily describe a relationship between irreconcilable entities, the band explain.

Gustav Almberg comments: "It is possible that some things that on the surface seem totally different could be a perfect match. But mostly the album title is a reflection of today’s society that seems to get more and more polarised. Boundaries of what is okay to say and do are constantly moved towards something that feels dehumanising, and all the fucked up idiots crawl out of their caves all the way up to the top of the mountain."

Whilst some elements of the album will be familiar to pg.lost fans, there are some distinct differences to previous releases. The effect-saturated vocals, which were a trademark on previous pg.lost releases, have disappeared on „Versus“, and given way to more keys and synths. “Kristian was in the middle of heavy touring with Cult of Luna playing keys every day during that time, so he had a lot of synth-based ideas for songs. I guess this has helped us to take the band into a bit of a new direction sound wise“, comments Almberg.
Their sound is throbbing with great melancholy, but there is also an element of dirty rock n' roll thrown in, as demonstrated in the crushingly heavy closing section of monumental opening track „Ikaros“, in the distorted bass line kicking off the second track of the album, „Off The Beaten Path“, or in the huge roomy drum sound throughout the record.


pg.lost Live in Sofia Tickets

The band is winner of “Best Performance” of Kahoo Awards.

We will warm up with the modern post-rock band aswekeepsearching from India!

Aswekeepsearching are a four-piece act, hailing from Gujrat, India. While the band’s roots stretch way back to 2008, they first came into spotlight with the release of their début EP Growing Suspicions in 2014. They were soon signed on to the Russian label Flowers Blossom In The Space, as the band released its first full-length Khwaab in 2015. Khwaab, meaning ‘dreams’, took the band’s minimalistic music to wider audiences. Their emotionally driven instrumental post rock music, mixed with the sparse vocals in Hindi (one of the local languages of India) helped the band create something beautiful and unique.

After a tour of Russia with I Am Waiting For You Last Summer and playing various shows across the country, aswekeepsearching are back with their sophomore full-length Zia. The band cites the regular touring and performancing as the main inspiration behind Zia. Not being ones to stick to the same formula, they have further expanded their horizons by bringing in a variety of Indian instruments into the music. This not only helps adding a local flavor to the music, but also makes them stand apart from their international peers.

Staying true to their word, the band’s music does have a hidden emotional beauty embedded deep within the tracks; even the hardest-hitting moments on the album have a sheer calmness about them that words just cannot describe. They just bring out a whole set of emotions in the attentive listener’s mind, excelling at it by bringing in a wide array of sounds: from the grooviest riff to the most trippy electronica samples, their music has it all. aswekeepsearching are the perfect act to take you on an exotic ride through the wild, beautiful landscapes of Indian indie music.

Pre-sale tickets can be purchased at a promotional price of 19 BGN until March 31st. Then the price will be 24 BGN, and on the day of the event (if there are tickets left) they will be sold only at the door. Ticket number is limited, and we recommend that you book yours on time.

FOR FANS OF: MONO, Explosions In The Sky, Mogwai, Cult of Luna, EF, Caspian, Russian Circles

pg.lost Live in Sofia Tickets

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