Daniel Cavanagh of Anathema, Live in Sofia
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Daniel Cavanagh of Anathema, Live in Sofia

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 of Anathema

Live in Sofia, Bulgaria

on 14 April 2018

at Club Live & Loud
8, Pozitano Str., Sofia, Bulgaria

Daniel Cavanagh of Anathema with a solo concert in Sofia in April!

Talking about his band Anathema Daniel Cavanagh once said that one day they could be a band with the influence of Pink Floyd. He said it with a wink, but also with confidence. Watching the progress of the UK formation over the last decade, we have reasons to believe that there is a certain amount of truth in these words.

Danny and his Bulgarian fans have a special relationship that has evolved over the years with the few memorable solo guest appearances of the musician in our country, apart from those with his band.

When on stage the solo multi-instrumentalist Danny always offers a full-fledged show, skillfully jumping between the piano and the guitar. And the way he experiences the song while singing it makes every show deeply emotional.

Now Danny has a new album titled Monochrome. This is an album that the musician describes as deeply reflective and personal offering, inspired by internal feelings of love and loss, Daniel Cavanagh explains “The album has a late night, candlelit feeling, evoking the light of dusk as the summer sun sinks below the horizon, setting the scene for thoughts and meditations that many people will relate to.”

“A lot of this material could easily have made it on to the last Anathema album or any future album; that’s how highly the band rate it. There are several highlights: ‘The Exorcist’ and ‘The Silent Flight of the Raven Winged Hours’ are among some of my best works of the last decade. Taking them from the band was not an easy decision but I am glad; they’re so personal as to not need more input.”

We will hear this song, as well as others from the release, at Daniel Cavanagh’s concert in Sofia on April 14th at Club Live & Loud, where a piano will await the red-haired gifted charmer to be performing for an hour and a half songs from his solo career, Anathema classics in a different reading, and several the covers of emblematic compositions... We put dots here because you never know Danny – once the show is on, he is in no rush to step down from the stage and he always has another surprise.

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Daniel Cavanagh of Anathema, Live in Sofia Tickets

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