November's Doom Days, January edition
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November\'s Doom Days, January edition

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January edition

 Sunday, January 21, 2018

at Club Live & Loud in Sofia, Bulgaria 

8 Pozitano str., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

After a show in Bulgaria was added to the Facebook page of the German band OPHIS, there is now an official confirmation from the Bulgarian promoter. They will be visiting Sofia on January 21, 2018 at the invitation of Autumn Souls Of Sofia and will headline the January edition of the November's Doom Days mini-festival, the first edition of which was held last fall.

Within the festival they will share the stage with five more bands, which will be announced later this year.

OPHIS were founded in the German port city of Hamburg at the end of 2001. The starting point for the band members is their dark side. Immersion in slow solid Doom Metal and raw, nihilistic old school Death Metal. The band slowly but surely turned into an institution among Doom Metal fans around the world, attracting loyal followers, constantly playing live all over Europe. After releasing their debut album Stream of Misery in 2007, OPHIS went touring with Pantheist and Skepticism. Their 2010 album Withered Shades was highly rated by the specialized press and it was labeled The Ultimate Extreme Doom Metal Album. The release was followed by a tour with Ahab and Esoteric. Recently, Cyclone Empire has re-released a compilation of the debut album with the band's first EP titled Effigies of Desolation, which was backed by another European tour, this time with Evoken. The music of OPHIS is rooted in the early 90s, but they are not a retro band. As they show musical advancement with each edition. This feverishness gives OPHIS its own niche on stage dominated by trends that the band constantly refuses to follow. OPHIS’ lyrics are unusual for a Doom band. Observers of society, sometimes even with political nuances. But also personal messages that convey the internal struggles of band members. The new album of the band The Dismal Circle is expected to be released on 20 October via the F.D.A. Records.

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The second band of November's Doom Days II comes from the heavyweight stage of Belarus - the young and promising band WOE UNTO ME, along with their debut album A Step Into The Waters Of Forgetfulness, a mourning funeral doom drawing a conceptual portrait of the decline of life, seen from the abstract frame of the individual. 55 minutes of music and 5 reasons to see this world empty, with no hope in it, without light behind the window of the lonesome room - that is the culmination of impossibility, of apathy surrounding man today.

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The next band that joins the show is SELF-HATRED. Founded in 2012 as a reference and in honor of the extinct Czech doom metal scene of the 90's, the band has a plethora of experienced musicians from DISSOLVING OF PRODIGY, SILENT STREAM OF GODLESS ELEGY, ET MORIEMUR, LLYR and GHOST IN THE SHELL. The impact of these bands combined with a modern doom/black concept embracing depressive black and post-black nuances are exactly the moods that SELF-HATRED draws.

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EVADNE join the themed concert November's Doom Days after the release of their outstanding new album!

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The first 25 tickets will be priced 35 BGN, regular ticket price will be 40 BGN after exhausting the promotional tickets and if there are any tickets left on the day of the show their price will be 45 BGN.

Organizers: Autumn Souls Of Sofia.

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Tickets to November's Doom Days, January edition

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Organizer: Autumn Souls of Sofia
Venue: Club Live and Loud