Vulture Industries + Vokyl Live in Sofia
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Vulture Industries + Vokyl Live in Sofia

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Live in Sofia, Bulgaria



on 17 November 2017

at Club Live & Loud
8, Pozitano Str., Sofia, Bulgaria

The Norwegian avant-garde Vulture Industries return to Sofia!

"Every genius is a bit mad." - a quote that finds its confirmation in a number of artists. And if a man of art does not provoke a variety of reactions and leaves the audience indifferent, then what for an artist would he be?

The Norwegian Vulture Industries are definitely not just calling a nod with the head, be it in a sign of approval or not.

The frontman Bjørnar Nilsen, whose figure is perceived as the wondermaker who always wanted to sit alone in the last rank, is now on the front line and explodes in extravagant ways to express himself, revealing what lies deep in the dark, dark places of human consciousness...

If Bjørnar Nilsen had chosen to become a painter, he would have been a magnificent expressionist. And in a sense, he is one. Vulture Industries’ lyrics and music draw paintings, they attarct you into the story, they distract you from everyday life and send you where your imagination always wanted to take you. And where it will take you, you will face the artist's mind, unlocking madness that will turn into your own.

There is no other band like this – no matter which detail we are looking at – the avant-garde music and the unusual musical structures, the strong theatrical performance during live shows, the stage presence – you will always say: there’s no other band like this! You will be impressed by the technicality of the musicians and the spirit that hangs in the air when they are around.

Bergen's latest release, Season of Mist (2013), demands time to be understood as a multi-layered piece in its entirety. Presumably that could be the reason why they have been waiting for four years now, for us to continue climbing the tower of their musical quest... The media define them as a unique amalgam of progressive, experimental, industrial, doom, extreme, and even symphonic elements.

After collaborating with the acclaimed Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu, the band's vision became even more impressive and memorable. Live performances that are, to put it mildly, acting upon and engaging the audience in action with ease, are so frighteningly enchanting...The strong appeal of Vulture Industries' metal style that cannot be defined is remarkable and such is the fact that from a difficult and tangled recording, suddenly on stage it acts like a magnet, pinches the senses and is perceived so thoroughly.

We know it from the previous visit of the band in Bulgaria, together with Dordeduh, when in 2014, we at Live & Loud dared to meet these Norwegian strangers with our native audience for the first time.

The time for a second mental check has come.

Vokyl will open for Vulture Industries. The band was founded in 2009 in Sofia. Since then, their style has shifted from thrash through death metal to their current progressive sound. The band has shared the stage with some of the most prominent Bulgarian bands such as Demenzia, Dimholt, Eufobia, Obsidian Sea, Trysth, Upyr.
Current line-up (since 2010):
Yavor Vassilev - bass and vocals
Nikola Ognianov - guitar
Yavor Mechev - guitar
Zdravko Petrov - percussion

The show will take place on November 17th, the venue is Club Live & Loud, and the tickets are available online at the and at The price is 15 BGN. On the day of the show, if there are any tickets left, they will be available only at the door.

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Vulture Industries Live in Sofia Tickets
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Organizer: Live and Loud
Venue: Club Live and Loud