Spiritual Front Live in Sofia
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Spiritual Front Live in Sofia

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Live in Sofia, Bulgaria

on 19 May 2017

at Club Live & Loud
8, Pozitano Str., Sofia, Bulgaria


The Italian Neofolk top-rankers Spiritual Front with a show in Sofia in May!

Spiritual Front are one of the leading Neofolk bands. It can be argued seriously though with all the stipulations, it is difficult to put the band in strict stylistic boundaries. Among the well acquainted you can hear someone calling the style of the band "mafia folk" because of the inextricable link of the artists with Italian culture, history and all its deposits with particular emphasis on film art and music from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

They themselves have labeled it "suicidal pop" but whether it fits the music searches and experiments of those tempted by a more romantic and at the same time in a way perverse past, tempted by the dark recesses of the human soul and musicians dedicated to passions and longings...

The Spiritual Front show besides being served as an extremely elegant musical experience, includes visual impressions that will be a good game of hidden and very clear messages to fans of classic Italian cinema. As for the rest, this will be a new world, the thrill of which you will see in the face of Simone Salvatori.

The heart of the formation Simone - vocals and acoustic guitars is a charismatic personality, gathered in himself the talent and charisma of Elvis Presley and the dark, melancholy and love of guitar of Johnny Cash. Add to that a pinch of Italian romanticism and Scandinavian sensuality, and here is Salvatori.

In fact, Simone Salvatori already visited the country, but as a solo artist at Tattoo Fest, organized by Emil Saparevski in 2011. Those who missed to see him then still cannot get over it and now they will get their chance, and those who attended it are certainly hungry for more and more of the sweet poison of Simone and Spiritual Front and will surely be among the first to buy a ticket for the concert. It will be on May 19th at Club Live & Loud.

The musicians have prepared a long set and will perform classics as well as new compositions.

30 tickets are on sale via eTicketsMall and online at WWW.LIVEANDLOUD.NET at the price of 17 BGN. For the next tickets the price will be 22 BGN and on the day of the event (if there are any tickets left), they will be available only at the door at 28 BGN. Ticket number is limited and we recommend that you secure yours in time.

Preliminary schedule for the event:

21.30 Doors Open
21.30-22.45 Warm-up music
22.45-00.15 SPIRITUAL FRONT Live
00.15-02.45 Afterparty with DJs Gothprince, Elina-Dark Angel & Miss Markita

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1145782505545263/

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Tickets Spiritual Front Live in Sofia

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Organizer: Live and Loud
Venue: Club Live and Loud