Nightstalker + Obsidian Sea Live in Sofia
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Nightstalker + Obsidian Sea Live in Sofia

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Live in Sofia, Bulgaria



on 1 April 2017

at Club Live & Loud
8, Pozitano Str., Sofia, Bulgaria

Nightstalker with a concert in Sofia on 1 April 2017!

If Nightstalker was an artist of some major label, most likely the press releases would say "the Greek response to Black Sabbath" or something like that. And there would be some truth in such a statement, Nightstalker will win the hearts all fans of the unrivaled Black Sabbath.

Are you among them - the fans of Black Sabbath? You still have not seen Nightstalker live? There are second chances, there are also third and even fifth chances. For those who missed the last two concerts of the Athenians in the country - that at Wild Child Fest in 2013 in Varna and Wrong Fest last year, the band are coming back to Bulgaria with their own show.
The show is organized by Live & Loud, the date is April 1st, and it will take place at Club Live & Loud, at 8 Pozitano Str. in Sofia. A limited number of tickets are on sale online at eTicketsMall and WWW.LIVEANDLOUD.NET. The first 50 tickets will be at the price of 16 BGN and the next tickets will be at the price of 18 BGN. On the day of the event (if there are any tickets left), they will be sold only at the door at the price 20 BGN. Ticket number is limited and we encourage fans to secure their tickets early.
Now, however, the set list will not be a short festival one. It will be a long full-show set list. The band has released a new album and Argy - vocals, Andreas - bass, Tolis - guitar and Dinos - drums can not wait to present it to the Bulgarian audience. It is entitled "As Above, So Below" (2016, Oak Island Records). It has a wonderful provocative artwork and labeling in musical terms can again be left in the back pocket. Not that they care so much, but Nightstalker would prefer if we would keep the sticker "stoner rock" away and instead of harassing ourselves over the style they play, to just relax and enjoy their music.

This is a journey without a destination, without a beginning or an end. This is Nightstalker! It's rock and roll!
OBSIDIAN SEA join the concert

Obsidian Sea already have 8 years' history in doom music. Besides the numerous concerts in the Bulgaria, the band has also played in Greece and Serbia, and has released two albums. The first - Between Two Deserts released via the Russian Solitude Productions in 2012. And the second and last album for now - Dreams, Illusions, Obsessions of 2015. It attracted the attention of the US label Nuclear War Now! who re-issued the album as an LP last year.
Obsidian Sea are: Bozhidar - drums; Delyan - bass; Anton - guitar and vocals.
Obsidian Sea
Read the review of Dreams, Illusions, Obsessions:
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Nightstalker + support Live in Sofia Tickets


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Organizer: Live and Loud
Venue: Club Live and Loud