Autumn Souls Of Sofia Festival 2017 vol.3
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Autumn Souls Of Sofia Festival 2017 vol.3

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Autumn Souls Of Sofia Festival  2017 vol. 3

Two-Days Pass

 25-26 November 2017

at Club Live & Loud in Sofia, Bulgaria 

8 Pozitano str., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

Following the first two editions of the festival, the organizers of Autumn Souls of Sofia are ready to reveal some of the surprises they are working on for next year. This time the palette of musical styles that we are used to hearing and seeing at this fest, they will add a truly new and very fresh explosion of musical colors.

The Autumn Souls of Sofia Festival 2017 will be held on 25 and 26 November 2017 at Club Live & Loud. The ticket sale will start on 1 December this year. The two-days ticket will be priced 30 BGN. You can buy the tickets at this attractive price until 15 January 2017 (inclusive). Then, their price will be higher.

The first confirmed bands (in the order of their announcement) are:

the Estonian rockers Illumenium
the Melodic Black Metal band MartYriuM
the coming from deep Swedish north the raw black metal band Khaospath
the Belgian Black Metal band Saille
the German Black Metal Band Imperium Dekadenz

the Danish Blackened Funeral Doom band Woebegone Obscured
the French Ambient / Depressive / Black Metal band Nocturnal Depression
the Ukraine-Russian Melodic Black/Death Metal band Fausttophel
the Norwegian Black Metal Band Svarttjern 
the Swedish Hypothermia 
the Spanish Kritter
the Italian Doomed Black Metal band Cold Raven 
the Swedish Depressive Atmospheric Symphonic Black Metal project Mist Of Misery
the Swedish Folkloristic Metal project Grift 
the Black Metal band Temple of Evil from Cyprus 

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However, as hinted above, this is not all. Again, in 2017 there will be three festival days that will guarantee unforgettable parties. On 24 November there will be a warm-up freak party with favorite grind and death-grind bands.

The entrance fee to the freak party will be announced soon along with the first band involved, but we promise it will not cost more than a few beers. So, prepare your floats, your favorite crocodiles and whatever disguise you may have and start practicing. When grind fans can’t go to Obscene, Obscene comes to them, albeit in a club version.

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Changes in the line-up and running order are possible.


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Organizer: Autumn Souls of Sofia
Venue: Club Live and Loud