BATUSHKA, ARKONA + support Live in Sofia
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BATUSHKA, ARKONA + support Live in Sofia

proudly presents


Live in Sofia, Bulgaria

+ Support:

on January 8th, 2017

at club *MIXTAPE 5* 

 1, Bulgaria Blvd., underpass “Gallery”, 1142 Sofia, Bulgaria

Polish black metal sensation BATUSHKA Live in Sofia!

The hooded musicians whose identity is kept secret began to wear out, but the Polish Batushka did manage to play their cards well with the teaser image inspired by the Christian father and recreated with black irony and sarcasm. They possess not only the media interest with their mysterious appearance and the following sudden outbreak, but also attract incredibly wide range of fans. Whether because of the jokes with the Orthodox Church, its rituals, symbols and attributes or because of the so good black metal touch that you get immediately hooked? But facts are facts - Batushka are sensational! The band has a powerful stage presence and their black "liturgy" live is not just a show, but a multi-layer performance, which is difficult to get out of...

It's really amazing how with just two editions and such a short history behind (they were established in 2015!), a band can thus release tentacles and state presence in the extreme stage so confidently. Their debut CD "Litourgiya" (2015) is among the albums that will line up in the personal list of not one or two as one of the strongest black metal debuts. What is more, it is preceded only by a single "Yekteníya VII" (Single 2015).

So, we at Live & Loud did not hesitate and grabbed the band for a show in Bulgaria at the time when it climbs rapidly upward. The date of the show in Sofia is 8 January 2017, and the venue is *MIXTAPE 5*.

As already announced on the band's Facebook page at the very start of the new 2017 the band is starting their "European Pilgrimage Part I Tour 2017" as the concert tour is entitled. Support on the tour is the Polish ARKONA, and it is expected that one more artist will join the show in Sofia.

It is up to you to try to stalk some of the musicians to find out whether someone from MGLA, HATE, BEHEMOTH or VADER is hiding behind the black cassock. We release the tickets sale for the show on Monday, November 28th, and we'll you leave the conspiracy to you.

Until November 30th (inclusive) tickets will be available at the special price of 25 BGN, and as of December 1st, they will cost 30 BGN. On the day of the show tickets will cost 35 BGN and will be available only at the door.

More details coming soon!


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Persons visibly intoxicated or in an inadequate condition will not be let in the venue.
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Organizer: Live and Loud
Venue: Club Mixtape 5