Imperial Triumphant (US) + Nero Di Marte (IT) + Dimholt (BG)
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Imperial Triumphant (US) + Nero Di Marte (IT) + Dimholt (BG)

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Live in Sofia

10 June 2022

at Club Live & Loud 
8, Pozitano Str., Sofia, Bulgaria

IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT (US) and NERO DI MARTE (IT) with a concert at club Live & Loud on June 10

IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT (Neoclassical Black Metal/Avant-garde/Technical Black/Death Metal/Jazz Fusion)  was formed in 2005 by Zachary Ilya Ezrin in New York City.

Imperial Triumphant's second album, Abyssal Gods, was released in March 2015. Described by No Clean Singing's Austin Weber, "Abyssal Gods, is overall a thoroughly vicious act of blasphemy packed with more memorable moments than many bands accumulate in a lifetime of albums". Commenting on the band's effort to date as a whole, Weber stated "Imperial Triumphant are not only one of the most important U.S. black metal acts currently active, truly carving their own stylistic path, but they are also important to the future of black metal."

Following the second album, in March 2016, Imperial Triumphant released Inceste. A review in Decibel magazine commented that "Imperial Triumphant obviously have no use for the genre game... Inceste continues to warp expectations".

Following the release of the studio album Vile Luxury, Imperial Triumphant embarked on their first European tour in April 2019, including a show at Roadburn Festival. This was followed by further European dates in November 2019, including headlining the 'Cult Never Dies Stage' at Damnation Festival in Leeds, UK.

In October 2019, it was announced that Imperial Triumphant had signed to Century Media Records and plan to release new material in 2020. Subsequent Instagram posts from the band confirmed they had begun tracking at Colin Marston's Menegroth Studios in New York on 10 December 2019.

Imperial Triumphant were one of the many bands whose touring plans were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, postponing the 'Devastation on the Nation' tour until 2021.

In April 2020, Imperial Triumphant announced via Instagram that the new album would be entitled Alphaville and would be released 21 July 2020. Alongside this announcement a documentary video was released via Metal Injection detailing behind-the-scenes work on Alphaville and guest musicians who had collaborated, amongst them Tomas Haake of Meshuggah, longtime collaborator Colin Marston, and Trey Spruance of Mr. Bungle.Metal Hammer named Alphaville as the 10th best metal album of 2020.

Imperial Triumphant's musical style has changed since formation in 2005 to encompass musical and lyrical influence from their home city of New York. Commenting on the release of Vile Luxury in 2018, Ezrin described the record as "our most refined and metropolitan release to date", commenting further that the band had taken "the New York City influence that shaped the world, embraced the aspect of our sonic pyramid that at its core comes from jazz, and applied it to black metal".

NERO DI MARTE is an Experimental/Progressive Death/Post-Metal band from Bologna, Italy. Since 2012, they have been dedicated to creating experimental but heavy music, infected with prog, death metal, psychedelic and contemporary classical music. The mixing of these different influences creates a space in which dissonance, melody, claustrophobia and fairytale atmosphere become instinctively compared.

Since their formation in 2012 and shortly after the release of their self-titled debut album 2013, NERO DI MARTE have been invited by Luc Lemay of GORGUTS to tour North America with the legendary death metal band. Following the success of the tour, the band entered the studio in 2014 to record their second album, Derivae, released later that year.

Both albums received critics’ acclaim and the band dedicated the following years to live performances, culminating in a European tour with GORGUTS and PSYCROPTIC in 2016 and performances at festivals such as Royal Metal Fest (DK), Stonehenge Fest (NL), Metalorgie Fest (FR), Krakatoa Fest (IT) and Solo Macello Fest (IT).

Following the departure of drummer Marco Bolognini at the end of 2016, the band hired Giulio Galati (HIDEOUS DIVINITY) in early 2017 to continue composing their third album. After 5 long years of work and transformations, they finally finished writing and recording the album "Immoto", again at Studio73 (IT) with the help of sound director Riccardo Pasini and they signed a contract with Season of Mist.
Dimholt was founded by Woundheir (vocals) and Assen (guitars) in 2003 in the town of Burgas The two began working together on their first songs, which later entered the demo “Aegri Somnia”, released in 2007.
The project remained a duo until 2005, but plans changed and the musicians began searching for recruits to continue their development. Soon after this Dimholt was joined by Rumen (guitars) and in this composition two more new tracks were completed. A few months later, the band found a permanent bass player – Yavor. In the autumn of 2006 Dimholt began active rehearsals, with Stanimir sitting behind the drums. A little later, he officially became a permanent drummer.
In 2007, Dimholt recorded the demo “Aegri Somnia”. The disc was released in limited edition, which was completely sold out. After three years, in 2010 came out the EP “Live Somnia”, including two old songs and a concert performance of two new compositions.
In 2009, Dimholt announced their first concert – a joint participation with Serpentine Creation and Drevna.
In the following years, the five played together with names such as Vrani Volosa, Diabless, Azzrakgar, The Revenge Project, Claymore, Eufobia, Dark Inversion, Prokyon, Act Of Grotesque, Alcophilia, Unhumanity, Necromancer, Envolter, Shambless, Belgarath, Bloodlines, Enthrallment, Impenitence, Mass Grave, Coprostasis, O.H., Savage Ravage and Feudistes.
In 2010, Dimholt had the honor to open for the Spanish avant-gardists Kathaarsys, and in 2011, they shared the stage with Erevos from Greece. In the same year, thanks to the invitation of Zlabog Promotions, the musicians visited Serbia and participated in three concerts with local bands: Bane, Tales Of Dark, Dream Epic, Toxic Trace and Defilement.
In the winter of 2012, Dimholt entered the studio “SubZero” for the recordings of their debut album “Liberation Funeral”. The work took more than a year, and Thomas "TT" Tannenberger – guitarist, drummer and one of the engines of the Austrian black metal legends Abigor - was engaged with the additional sound processing.
In the summer of 2013, Dimholt were selected as one of the opening bands for the show of the British veterans Cradle Of Filth in Sofia. The following year, a mini-tour was organized in Romania with Vrani Volosa and The Revenge Project, and shortly after Dimholt opened the show of the Greek legends Rotting Christ in Sofia.
In 2015 and 2016, the band from Burgas continued to participate in several concerts in and outside Bulgaria, including a visit to Macedonia (show with the local Ambroz) and Greece (appearance at Death's Black Descent II Fest in Thessaloniki, along with Lvcifyre, Obliteration, Demonomancy), and in September 2016, they played with Grá from Sweden. The band marked its return on Romanian ground, taking part first in the Rites Of The Black Mass festival and then as part of the concert of the Polish sensation Batushka.
The following years passed in intensive preparation of the second album, at which time the band appeared live with the Swiss avant-gardists Schammasch and Bölzer and the Serbian Bane at their concerts in Sofia.
Dimholt's latest album is named “Epistēmē” and has been recorded in several sessions, in various locations, including Mrdr Sound Studio (Sofia) for the drums, Sub Zero Studio (Sofia) for the vocals and Opus Magnum Studios (Belgium) for the guitar and bass recordings. The publication is mixed and mastered by Déhá at Opus Magnum Studios.

The concert will take place on June 10 at Club Live & Loud (8 Positano Street) starting at 21:00.

Tickets are on sale via eTicketsMall at a price of BGN 29. On the day of the event, if there are other tickets left, they will be sold only at the door at a price that will be announced additionally.


Imperial Triumphant (US) + Nero Di Marte (IT) + Dimholt (BG), Live in Sofia. Tickets.

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