Christ Agony, Eufobia, Eternal Samhain and hereAndNow
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Christ Agony, Eufobia, Eternal Samhain and hereAndNow

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Christ Agony, Eufobia, Eternal Samhain & hereAndNow 

on 24.04.2017
at Club Live & Loud
  8, Pozitano Str., Sofia, Bulgaria

Autumn Souls Of Sofia is pleased to present the Polish Black Death Doom extremists CHRIST AGONY back on Bulgarian land.

The band was founded in the Polish town of Morag back in 1990, and has nine albums and numerous concerts.

The concert will be held on April 24, 2017 at Club Live & Loud, starting at 21:00. The current composition, in which we will see CHRIST AGONY in Sofia is Cezar - guitars, vocal, Reyash - bass, vocal, Darek - drums.

The Bulgarian Death'n'Roll maniacs EUFOBIA join the concert. The band are well known to the Bulgarian fans.

hereAndNow are the last band joining the event.

The Italian black metal band ETERNAL SAMHAIN have joined the CHRIST AGONY tour. An incredible fusion of symphonic black metal with extreme brutality to core-clad melodies that attack the senses in an unpredictable way, conjuring up strange sensations. The music of ETERNAL SAMHAIN, combined with the image and texts will further create the feeling that you carry in the ancient world of mysticism and hostility.

On the day of the event tickets will be available at the door at 25 BGN.

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Organizer: Autumn Souls of Sofia
Venue: Club Live and Loud