SDI Live - 5 years Thrashing Mania







Concert of the cult German speed-thrash metal band SDI in Sofia

The long-awaited show of the German speedt/hrash metal band SDI will take place on 5 December 2015 at club BAR ZAR in Sofia.

The band reformed last year after nearly a quarter of a century of absence from the big stage. SDI announced only 10 dates for 2015. One of them is their exclusive concert in Sofia on December 5th. Metal fans from Greece, Turkey, Italy, Romania, Peru, Russia, Macedonia and Sweden have shown interest to the concert in the Facebook event. SDI come to Bulgaria to play at THRASHING MANIA and on the occasion of the 8th anniversary of the Metal Hangar 18 webzine.

Tickets will be priced at 30 lev and will be sold in Eventim and eTicketsMall.

Quantity will be limited to 150 tickets.

The club's doors will open at 20h. Expect more details about the before and after parties with the band, as well as information about the support band.

Organizers are ICREATIVE EVENTS.

SDI were established in 1985. by Reinhard Kruse (vocals and bass) and Ralph Maunert (drums) in Osnabrück, Germany. In 1986 they recorded the cult speed/thrash metal album "Satan's Defloration Incorporated", including the hits "Panic in Wehrmacht", "Quasimodo", "I Do not Care" and "I Wanna f ** k You". "Sign of The Wicked" - the album – masterpiece of the band followed in 1988. In 1993 the band fell apart. January, 31st, 2015 the band did their reunion show in Wurzburg, Germany in front of 2000 people. In 2012 SDI’s singer Reinhard Kruse visited Bulgaria on the occasion of the second birthday of THRASHING MANIA. His surprise was great when he met dozens of Bulgarian fans at the special meeting.

Videos of SDI:

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First album of SDI - " S.D.I." -

Second album of SDI - "Sign of The Wicked" -

Third album of SDI - "Mistreated" -

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Tickets will be available online at eTicketsMall SOON!