How to order tickets?

How eTicketsMall Works

Tickets available at can be purchased from any location in the world, where there are Internet and VISA/MasterCard cards.
Ordering and printing the desired tickets is entirely in your hands!

The world has long been mobile, why tickets shouldn't?
No more anxiety if the courier would deliver your tickets in time.
No more worries not to forget your tickets at home.
And last but not least: you no longer have to go out or stand in queues to buy tickets.
With the eTicketsMall system fans can order and receive their tickets directly on their mobile phones. Simply open the QR code on the screen and at the entrance it will be checked via mobile or fixed readers.

Note that some promoters would still require that you bring a hard copy of your ticket, but that will be made explicitly clear in each event for which this requirement is applicable.

Alternatively, you can now order tickets also by E-mail. See how.

Step-by-step guide to ordering tickets


If you are a new customer, we’d suggest that you make your registration before ordering your tickets.
Registration button in the upper right corner of eTicketsMall’s web site.
Registration is required to access your tickets at any time from your account.


How To Register at eTicketsMall

Once you fill in your details and press the "Continue" button, you will receive an account activation message to the e-mail address you provided during registration. To activate your account you need to click on the activation link in the message. 

If you do not find the activation message in your Inbox, please check your Spam Box. 
Please also note that with some free e-mail service providers it is possible that the message is delayed.
Remember which email address you have used to register your profile at eTicketsMall, and your password! You will need them whenever you want to return to your account to print already ordered tickets or order new ones.

You need to fill in your address only if you wish to receive an invoice for your order. Invoices are requested for each order separately. If you do not require an invoice, you can skip the address fields.




How To Buy Tickets In Less Than A Minute at eTicketsMall

To order tickets for events without reserved seats, fill in the number of tickets you want to book from the desired category and click "Add to cart".

To order tickets for events with reserved seats, mark the desired seats among the available (in green), and click "Add to cart". 

Review your order on the next screen before you proceed to Checkout.

If you are not logged in, you will be taken to a new screen where you can log in using the e-mail address and password you specified during the registration.

Once logged in, you will see a screen for selecting the method of payment.

Please note that the ePay and EasyPay options are only applicable for customers in Bulgaria. After selecting the preferred payment method, pressing "Continue" will take you to the order confirmation screen. At this stage you can see the breakdown of the ticket price, commission (if not included in the ticket price), administrative costs and the total amount payable.

Please review your order carefully!
You can change the requested tickets by pressing Edit Button. After this pressing the Continue Button you will no longer be able to edit your order.

Under the table with information about your order there is a drop-down menu to select the "Loyalty Discount". If such a discount is applicable to your account, you can choose the discount you want to use, or store it for a following order, as it may be of a greater value, or the commission for this order might be 0%. The discount granted is for single use and is calculated only on the commission and not on the value of the tickets.

Please read the general terms and conditions and privacy policy and check the box when you are done, if you accept them, then click "Continue."  

Please verify the amount your card will be charged with.
By pressing the PAY button, you will be transferred to the virtual POS terminal provided by our bank.

At this stage you have already been transferred to the bank's virtual POS terminal.

Please note that eTicketsMall under no circumstances collects or stores credit card details. We will never send you messages asking for any of these details.

All card information is being entered at the bank's virtual POS terminal.

Please verify the amount your card will be charged and fill in your card details.

If you want to carry out the payment, please press the Pay Now button.

If you have changed your mind and you no longer want to make the purchase, or if you want to do it at a later stage, please press the Cancel button.

Closing the window without pressing the Cancel button will leave your order pending for payment for 3 hours, after which the order will expire and will be marked as Denied.

Please note that if you have left the payment system without confirming the payment at the end of the checkout, it is not impossible to go back to the checkout stage at a later time and resume where you have left.

If you still wish to order tickets, please place a new order and complete the checkout for your new order.

Your old order will expire 3 hours after you have placed it, so you can ignore it.

Upon successful payment you can print your tickets by logging into your account and then clicking on My Orders in My Profile menu to the right of the screen.

Against all your paid orders there are two buttons: "View" and "Print". Pressing button "View" displays information about the order, and pressing the "Print" button opens a PDF file with your ticket (tickets) that you need to print and take to the venue at the time of the event.   




Important! A ticket generated by the system eTicketsMall, can be used only once for entrance to venue, then its IDN will be automatically disabled by the system. For this reason, under NO circumstances should you forward your ticket to friends, share it in the social networks, websites or forums, or allow it to be copied. Remember that only the first ticket presented with this number will have access to the venue. Access will be denied to the next person presenting the same ticket number, even if it is the buyer.
Never buy second-hand e-tickets! You never know how many copies of the same ticket have been produced and to how many people they have been sold. Remember: only the first ticket presented with this number will have access to the venue. 

You can't lose your e-Ticket, as it will always be available in your profile with eTicketsMall.
All you need to do in case you can't find it is log in at, go to "My Orders" in "My Profile" and print it again.

If you forget your e-Ticket at home, you can log it at from your smart phone, go to "My Orders" in "My Profile" and open the pdf file, so that it's QR code could be scanned at the door.

If your e-Ticket is stolen, do let us know. Unlike the conventional printed tickets, we can cancel the validity of the stolen e-Ticket and send you a replacement.

If the payment has been interrupted for some reason, it is not possible to go back to the checkout stage and try to carry out the payment again.
If you still wish to order tickets, please place a new order and complete the checkout for your new order.

It is technically impossible for the system to charge you for both orders at the same time. You will only be charged for your current order. Your old order will remain with a Pending status until it expires 3 hours after you have placed it, so you can ignore it.

Our aim is to make it as easy and fast as possible for fans to obtain the desired tickets, while maintaining a high security level at the same time.

If you find a feature is inconvenient to use, or if you think we could have done it better, please let us know! All incoming suggestions will be carefully considered and discussed with our system and website development teams.

If you have any suggestions for improving our services, complaints or specific requirements, please write to us at or

Please read carefully the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy of eTicketsMall before you make your registration and/or your order.



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