The Other Side will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a concert

The Other Side will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a concert

The beginning
In 1999, there was а festival in Primorsko, which gave the media its name. The idea was to issue a festival newsletter dedicated to the seaside event. The event brought together bands from Bulgaria and abroad and in its own way played a role in the Bulgarian underground scene. Be it for good or bad the 99 edition was the only one for the festival, but the media The Other Side continues to grow as a metal webzine, to inform us, to report on live shows and to support artists and events to this day.

20th anniversary of The Other Side. Tickets

The cover of The Other Side's first newsletter, officially released from the photocopier in January 2000.


The concert dedicated to the 20th anniversary of The Other Side will be held at Club Live & Loud on January 18, 2020 (Saturday).

Line up:

Death Metal band from Varna

DAY OF EXECUTION at the 20th anniversary of The Other Side. Tickets

DAY OF EXECUTION has a history of over 10 years and in 2009 REICHSRADIO adopted its new name. The band has two fully sold out LPs - Dead Burning to Ashes (Brewery Prod, 2012) and Inevitable End (Neckbreaker Records, 2018) and one EP - Pointless Cause (Mulligore Productions, 2013). They are well-known to fans for the extreme music they have played live in clubs and festivals across the country. In 2019, Funeral Hymns Records reissued their debut album on cassette. The lyrics are on topics of death, war, madness, combined with a lot of blood and clots.


Symphonic Black Death Metal band from Ruse

CLAYMORE at the 20th anniversary of The Other Side. Tickets

Days ago CLAYMORE also celebrated their 20th anniversary with a unique concert in their home town – Ruse. The band has behind them two released LPs and several demos, as well as extensive touring abroad. In Sofia on January 18 the band will be composed of: Emil Kehayov (vocals, bass), Martin Manev (guitar), Tsvetelin Baltov (keyboards) and Kamen Manev (drums). Minutes before their anniversary concert, CLAYMORE congratulated the fans.
Link to the Video Greeting:


Death Metal band from Sofia

HYPERBOREA at the 20th anniversary of The Other Side. Tickets

Being around for 22 years, HYPERBOREA have established their name as one of the most solid and recognizable Bulgarian death metal bands. Since the beginning of their career, they have tilted more towards concert activity. Their considerable live experience has honed the necessary ability to play as a one entity in a live situation – with precision timing, crushing power, bite and heaviness that are the milestone of any death metal act worth its name. HYPERBOREA have opened for names like OBITUARY, ARCH ENEMY, VADER, PUNGENT STENCH, ASPHYX, CANCER, ANGEL WITCH, CREMATORY, and others. Their music is simultaneously aggressive and melodic, polyrhythmic, and at the same time not unnecessarily complicated.
HYPERBOREA have three studio albums so far – Architecture Of Mind (2004), Cryogenic Somnia (2007), and Umbra (2019), all of which gained spectacular reviews.
HYPERBOREA is an artist of the Spanish label Art Gates Records.
The organizers invited the band to take part in the show by no accident. It was namely HYPERBOREA who opened The Other Side festival in 1999, which subsequently gave the media its name.

Presale tickets for two are available at a price of 15 BGN.

Single tickets at the door will be 10 BGN.

eTicketsMall would take the opportunity to express our gratitude to The Other Side for the continuous support we have been receiving from them since we were first launched.

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