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Live in Sofia, Bulgaria



on 09.09.2018

at Club Live & Loud
8, Pozitano Str., Sofia, Bulgaria

The Moldovian Alternative/Nu Metal band return to Sofia for a new show at Club Live & Loud on September 9th!

A combination of female screaming, hard riffs and samples created the individual style of Infected Rain. Their energetic style is well known to the local fans by now. It is a blend of some of the best modern metal styles with a little Korn, Soulfly, Deftones, Kittie and a hint of something a little darker and heavier.

The show is suitable for all ages and it will start at 19:00. We will announce the support band soon.

The band was formed in 2008 and made their first appearance on stage on August 3, 2008, performing in a concert dedicated to Slayer. At the end of the same month Infected Rain recorded their first demo CD, which consisted of three songs: With Me, Parasite and No Idols. Over the next 2 years the band appeared in several concerts in Moldova, Romania and the Ukraine. Infected Rain took 1st place at the Big Up! Urban Fest in 2009 and continued the stream of its successful performances at the Forest Kap in 2010 and 2011. In summer of 2009, the band released their EP, which included six songs: Judgmental Trap, Panika, No More, Escape, Go Away and Homeless. Their first music video was for the song Judgmental Trap and was shot in winter of the following year. November 25, 2011 was marked by the release of the band’s first album, entitled Asylum. After that the band went on a tour in Romania to support the album. In January 2012 the band released its second music video for the song At the Bottom of the Bottle and shortly after that performed at the Metal Special Fest as a headliner. In June, the band played at OST fest 2012 in Bucharest on the same stage with Dimmu Borgir and Motley Crue. Shortly after that they released a new music video for the song Me Against You, collaborating with Moldova Extreme Moto Cross. Then on March 8th, a music video for the single Stop Waiting came out. In the autumn of 2013, the band toured Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Bulgaria as their first big tour. On May 15th of 2014 the band released the second album called "Embrace Eternity". Later, in September and October was their big European tour in which they visited 12 countries. January of 2015 was marked with the release of 2 more music videos for the album "Embrace Eternity". At the same time the band never stopped concurring new countries and headlining big festivals in Europe. 2016 started with the release of their new music video for the single Serendipity that gave a start to a new, heavier era for Infected Rain. Serendipity is part of their latest album called “86” that that was released April 20th 2017.

The band consists of five members: two guitars, female vocal, bass and drums, the combination of all members music preferences always leaves room for development and creation of a new style.

Are you infected yet?

The next show of Infected Rain in Sofia will be on 9 September 2018 at Club Live & Loud.

Pre-sale tickets are available at eTicketsMall. The first 30 tickets will be at the promo price of 15 BGN, and after they sell out their price will be 20 BGN. On the day of the event, if there are any tickets left, they will be available only at the door, at a price to be announced additionally. Ticket number is limited and we recommend that you book your tickets in time.

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