Goatwhore + support, Live in Sofia

The American Black/Thrash/Death Metal band of the day GOATWHORE with a show in Sofia on July 30th!

Goatwhore Live in Sofia! Tickets

What do Acid Bath, Crowbar and Eyehategod have in common? Apart from the fact that all of them are our favorite US bands, the last two of which we have had the honor of seeing live in Bulgaria, the connecting link between the guys is Sammy Pierre Duet. He is also the founder of the GOATWHORE, a project that dates back to 1996, while he appears with Acid Bath. GOATWHORE is a long-term retreat for Sammy Duet after losing the bassist of Acid Bath – Audie Pitre, when Acid Bath disbands. 2001 is the year in which S. Duet leaves Crowbar, having recorded three albums between 1998 and 2001, to focus on the already shaped as a real band, and not just a side project GOATWHORE.

Led by him as a guitarist and vocalist and with three other well-known musicians from the stage of New Orleans, GOATWHORE steadily and confidently conquered territories around the world at concerts and at well promoted tours. The last one was across the US with the legendary Satyricon and was just over at the end of May.

As fans of the band, we at Live & Loud could hardly wait for the day to announce the news that the band has accepted our invitation for a concert in Sofia.

Just like you, we do not miss the opportunity to see club shows of strong bands that gather thousands at festivals. When passing through Bulgaria in 2014, in the company of Dying Fetus, the band already had their fans here and won new ones.

So we can now confirm: the catchy Black Thrash/Death that GOATWHORE offer is even more powerful live.

A year ago, they released a new album entitled Vengeful Ascension, released by Metal Blade Records. With it, things got even more explicit with more black in their Death Metal, slightly moving away from the Thrash sound and preserving that recognizable Rock'n'Roll wink that makes GOATWHORE perceived so well live.

Since the band belongs to the underground stage, we would not want to call it "all star" so that we do not offend them, but just look at the names in its line-up:

Sammy Pierre Duet – Guitars and Vocals (Ritual Killer, ex-Acid Bath, ex-Walpurgisnacht, ex-Vual, ex-Crowbar, ex-Eyehategod (live), Dark Karnival, ex-Hateseed, ex-Kill Gore);
L. Ben Falgoust II – Vocals (Soilent Green, ex-Hangnail, ex-Paralysis, ex-Flesh Parade, ex-Suicide War);
Zack Simmons – Drums (Doomsday, ex-Nachtmystium (live)), ex-Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky (live), ex-Wolvhammer (live), ex-Dååth (live);
James Harvey – Bass (Psychon Vex, Ritual Killer, ex-Rotfest, ex-Aphornon, ex-Driven by Suffering).

Those of you who accepted our invitation to the Skeletonwitch show three years ago, hardly need any urging to come to see GOATWHORE, as for the rest – make sure you do not miss this one!

The date of the show is July 30th, the place is Club Live & Loud at 8, Pozitano Str. in Sofia. Pre-sale tickets are available at eTicketsMall as follows: until June 15th tickets will be at a promotional price of 24 BGN. After that date the price will be 27 BGN, and on the day of the event (if there are tickets left) they will be available only at the door at a price to be announced at a later stage. Ticket number is limited, and we recommend that you book yours on time.

Thrash ‘Till Death!

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