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The Progressive Hard Rock Band "KIKIMORA" was founded in 2011 by Nikolo Kotzev. Their songs are rooted in classic rock. The lyrics are in Bulgarian, and the philosophy of the boys is: "Stand firm on the ground, be flexible and play for the audience, stay true to the ideal of high instrumental and vocal mastery and unique impact with every concert." That is why the lyrics of their songs are directed to the essential problems of our time.

Nikolo Kotzev's highly professional international career is exceptionally successful with his participation in various formations and competitions; for more than a decade he has been the executive director of the band of Robin Gibb from the Bee Gees.

Nikolo Kotzev has led the Kikimora to the implementation of larger projects, together with symphony orchestras and choirs, in which the band has successfully built difficult but wonderful symbiosis between the expressive means of the two genres.

Nikolo Kotzev composed and produced the rock opera Nostradamus, which won international recognition in 2011. It featured Glenn Hughes, Joe Lynn Turner, Alannah Myles, Sass Jordan, Doogie White (Yngwie Malmsteen, ex-Rainbow), Göran Edman and Jørn Lande. In 2012, KIKIMORA achieved great success playing at a concert of Nikolo Kotzev’s original music, performed together with the Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra at Bulgaria Hall, conducted by Emil Tabakov, followed by numerous concerts throughout the country. In 2013, the band participated in the closing of the Mozart Festival in Pravetz together with the orchestra and the choir of the State Opera Rousse and conductor Jean Angelov, performing works by Mozart, Verdi and Wagner.

The world premiere of Nostradamus was in 2016 in the City of Rousse. It featured the orchestra, the choir and the ballet of the Rousse Opera and was conducted by Nayden Todorov. In 2017, the rock opera was presented in Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo and Plovdiv. Soloists in the performances were Alexander Atanasov, Zvezdomir Keremedchiev, Amalia Nenova, Björn Lodin, Thomas Vikström, Mehmet Kaya, Nencho Balabanov. Director - Orlin Dyakov, stage designer - Ivan Ivanov - Ioanni, costume designer - Nikolay Buzov, music director - Nikolo Kotzev, choreographer - Philip Milanov.

Source: Bulgarian National Radio,

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KIKIMORA will share the stage at Varna Mega Rock with Nightwish, Apocalyptica, Glenn Hughes, Kamelot, BTR, Krossfire, Bendida and Konkurent.
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