Bendida is a symphonic fantasy metal band from Sofia, Bulgaria

Founded in 2008 by guitarist Vinnie Atanasov

Band members::
Kremena Nikolova - vocals;
Vinnie Atanasov - guitar and vocals;
Joana Petrova - keyboards;
Pavlin Peev - bass;
Vyara Grancharova - Viola da Gamba;
Vasil Traykov - drums

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The lyrical themes in the band's music are in the sphere of mythology, fantasy and fiction
In early 2012 came out the first band’ single "The Farthest Shore".

In 2014, the band released the second single "Prince of Ice", along with an official video to the song, as well as a second video of the song Witch and the Devil.

In 2017 the band released two video clips "Land of Perun" and "Whispers in the Dark".

At the end of 2017, the band released their debut album entitled "Goddess of the Moon"
Bendida interprets mythology from the territory of ancient Thrace - Slavic, Thracian and others. The band draws inspiration mainly from classical music, metal music and last but not least - the Bulgarian folklore.

Besides the traditional rock music instruments, the band also includes the viola da gamba, which sound has been part of Bendida's appearance for several years. The epic sound of the songs includes choir parts, orchestrations, flutes and a string section. In the music is included the traditional Bulgarian instrument tambura, which adds the characteristic folklore shots to the music of Bendida.

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Land of Perun

Witch and the Devil
Prince of Ice
Whispers in the Dark


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