This week at Club LIVE & LOUD

This week

at Club LIVE & LOUD  
This week at Club LIVE & LOUD

Wednesday, November 22 – Live concert of the Canadian solo artist and multi-instrumentalist RAISED BY SWANS and the Scottish alternative post-rock formation MIDAS FALL. Start time: 20:00ч.

Saturday and Sunday, November 25-26 – AUTUMN SOULS OF SOFIA FESTIVAL 2017

Saturday, November 25 – Autumn Souls Of Sofia Festival 2017, Day 1 with Mist Of Misery (Depressive Black Metal, Sweden), Kritter (Melodic Death Metal, Spain), Khaospath (Black Metal, Sweden),  Illumenium (Post Grunge, Alternative Metal, Estonia), MartYriuM (Blackened Industrial Death Metal, Malta), Grift (Folkloristic Metal, Sweden) & Imperium Dekadenz (Black Metal, Germany). Start time: 18:00ч.

Sunday, November 26 - Autumn Souls Of Sofia Festival 2017, Day 2 with Temple of Evil (Black Metal, Cyprus), Fausttophel (Melodic Black Death Metal, Russia/Ukraine), Cold Raven (Doomed Black Metal, Italy), Woebegone Obscured (Blackened Funeral Doom, Denmark), Mourning Sun (Avant-Garde Doom Metal, Chile), Saille (Black Metal, Belgium/The Netherlands) & Hypothermia (feat. members of ex-Lifelover, Kall etc, Sweden). Start time: 18:00ч.
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