Changes in the line-up of Autumn Souls of Sofia 2017

Changes in the line-up of Autumn Souls Of Sofia 2017

An old maxim says: "If you want to make God laugh, make plans." For long-term events, this maxim sometimes works with full force. And unfortunately, it do not skip the Autumn Souls Of Sofia 2017 Festival.

The event team informs all fans and followers that the Norwegian black metal band Svarttjern is dropping out of the festival's poster. They will be replaced by the Chilean doom metal band Murning Sun, already known to Bulgarian fans.

After visiting Bulgaria last year, Mourning Sun is gaining more and more popularity not only in Bulgaria but also throughout Europe. The date for Bulgaria is part of their upcoming Último Exhalario European Tour II, which includes dates in Norway, England, Portugal.

Bands scheduled to play on November 25th:

the Swedish Folkloristic Metal project Grift
the Estonian rockers Illumenium
the German Black Metal Band Imperium Dekadenz
the coming from deep Swedish north the raw black metal band Khaospath
the Spanish Kritter
the Melodic Black Metal band MartYriuM
the Swedish Depressive Atmospheric Symphonic Black Metal project
Mist Of Misery

Bands scheduled to play on November 26th:

the Italian Doomed Black Metal band Cold Raven
the Ukraine-Russian Melodic Black/Death Metal band Fausttophel
the Swedish Hypothermia
the Chilean Avant-Garde Doom Metal Band Mourning Sun
the French Ambient / Depressive / Black Metal band Nocturnal Depression
the Belgian Black Metal band Saille
the Black Metal band Temple of Evil from Cyprus
the Danish Blackened Funeral Doom band
Woebegone Obscured

You can get passes for both days via eTicketsmall for 50 BGN.
On the day of the event their price will be 60 BGN. Those of you who have favorite bands playing only on one of the days will be able to see them without having to pay for the whole event.

As of September 1st, single-day tickets are available as follows:
For November 25th - 30 BGN pre-sale and 35 leva per day of the event,
For November 26th - 35 BGN pre-sale and 40 leva on the festival day.

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