4 More Bands Join Metal Gates. Accommodation.

4 More Bands Join Metal Gates

Accommodation Offer 

The lates additions to the Metal Gates Festival are ABIGAIL, OTHER EYES WISE, VOTUM and PSYCHOGOD.

There is a special offer for accommodation for Metal Gates Festival in partnership with Hello Hotels Bucharest.

Between November 15th and 19th you can make reservations with a discounted price, in the hotel where most of the bands are accommodated. Just be aware that the places are limited.

The price of a double room without breakfast will be 31 EUR (aprox 10% discount), with the advantages that if the normal price will rise, this offer will not change at all, and also you will have the possibility of canceling 30 days prior with no charge.

What you need to do is to enter the promo code FESTIVAL when you make the reservation for Hello Hotels on their official website: https://hello-hotels-bucuresti.continentalhotels.ro/en/

The hotel is situated at about 20 minutes distance from the venue by public transportation and about 30 mins walk (2.6 km distance).


ABIGAIL Metal Gates Festival, Tickets

ABIGAIL, the leader of the Romanian doom metal, is celebrating this year 23 years of its existence. The band kept the doom/death metal flag high in Romania since 1994, leaving deep marks in the fans souls with its music.
In the 90s they launched the album Sonnets, which brought them the long desired spotlight. Next was, more notable, It is the night I fear in 2011, where you can find songs like Sweet Cruelty or It is the night I fear, which also gives the album its name.
This year, the guys will launch the album temporary named The mind replays what the heart can't erase, which brings together one of the most beautiful compositions from the last years, an album that will be more then a pleasant surprise, having as guests a few notable musicians, like Thomas AG (Saturnus) or Jón Aldará (Hamferd/BarrenEarth). Abigail promises that this album will set a new standard in the Romanian doom scene, like Sonnets did in its time.
This fall, Abigail will play alongside Saturnus and Clouds in a 3 days mini-tour, that will pass through London (UK), Mekelen (Belgium) and Rotterdam (The Netherlands / Dutch Doom Days).

OTHER EYES WISE Metal Gates Festival, Tickets

OTHER EYES WISE is a London based band formed in late 2010, by Jonas and Simon. The idea behind the band was to try something a bit different to the norm, using many of the bands outside influences and using all the genres the band likes to listen to themselves. Predominantly the band sits in the Progressive metal genre but has lots of different elements they like to use from rock, to funk, to death metal and beyond.
Between 2011 – 2012 the band played shows all over London and the UK, whilst also concentrating on writing there debut album, off the back of a few videos the band put up online, they signed to Italian Record label Wormhole Death in the autumn of 2013, which released the band’s debut album Zer(0) in spring of 2014.
The following year the band released their second album Chapters once again through Wormhole Death and also in the spring, this album had more promotion and was released in Japan as well as America. Since the release of both albums the band has gone out on tour over the UK and Europe. They have played two festivals in Romania: Rock N Iasi and Metalhead Meeting.
Currently the band is still out playing shows in the UK, they are also in the middle of writing there third album, which is definitely going in a heavier and more dynamic direction.
The band plan on releasing this album in 2017 and to tour the album throughout the next two years.


VOTUM Metal Gates Festival, Tickets

VOTUM is a dark progressive metal band from Poland, coming back to Bucharest after a mind-blowing performance last year at Maximum Rock Festival. They promise a very special show for the Romanian fans, so be prepared.
VOTUM combines dark and vibrant atmosphere within metal genre, bringing both force and ambience to play. They are no stranger to musical diversity with subtle cinematic frailty and modern electronica. Dealing in powerful guitars and acoustic ballads Votum creates a very specific blend of fresh and unusual approach to dark progressive rock and metal.
Votum released four critically acclaimed (all over the world) Long Plays (Average rating for all reviews - 8,5/10).
Fourth album, titled :KTONIK: is the first one with the new frontmand and second guitarist. The album was mixed by David Castillo (Katatonia, Bloodbath, Opeth) at Ghost Ward Studio and mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios (Paradise Lost, Kreator, Leprous, Dream Theater, Enslaved, Opeth, Katatonia).
Votum is currently still in process of promoting its latest album. In October 2016, the band was co-headlining (together with Moonspell and Kamelot) at Maximum Rock Festival in Bucharest.

PSYCHOGOD Metal Gates Festival, Tickets

PSYCHOGOD is a very well known name in the Romanian metal scene, reborn now with a new frontman and a fresh sound. After a comeback show in Fabrica alongside Diabolical and a small tour with the Swedish band, they will come to blast the Metal Gates stage.
PSYCHOGOD is a metal band from Romania formed in late November 2009 that combines melodic death metal with metalcore.
The band released two albums Alone (2012) and Destroy to Create - Create to Destroy (2015) and played more than 50 concerts in Romania and Europe.
It opened the stage for Rammstein, Trivium, Exodus, Dimmu Borgir, Diabolical and many others.

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