Two Bulgarian bands: Eufobia and Grimaze will share the stage with Primordial at Metal Gates Festival in Bucharest



Two Bulgarian bands: Eufobia and Grimaze will share the stage with Primordial, Swallow The Sun, Saturnus, The Foreshadowing, (EchO), Riul Doamnei, Mordrake, Animae Silentes, Eufobia, Mourning Sun, When Nothing Remains and more at  METAL GATES FESTIVAL  in Bucharest!

Today the festival organizers have announced that the festival will be extended to 4 days. Metal Gates will be held from 16 to 19 November 2017 at Club Quantic Intrarea Grozavesti, 00000 Bucharest, Romania. The total number of tickets is limited to 800.

Tickets purchased so far will be valid for all four days. There are just a few pre-sale tickets left at the price of 53 BGN and then the price will be 67 BGN for the next 300 tickets and 78.50  BGN for the last 350 tickets.

THE LINEUP so far:

PRIMORDIAL – Pagan Metal – Ireland
SWALLOW THE SUN – Doom Death Metal – Finland
SATURNUS – Melodic Doom/Death Metal – Denmark
THE FORESHADOWING – Gothic Doom Metal – Italy
(EchO) – Atmospheric Doom Metal – Italy
RIUL DOAMNEI – Extreme Symphonic Metal – Italy
MORDRAKE – Darkened Melodic Metal – UK
ANIMAE SILENTES – Dark/goth metal – Italy
EUFOBIA – Death Metal – Bulgaria
MOURNING SUN – Doom Metal – Chile
WHEN NOTHING REMAINS – Atmospheric Doom Death Metal – Sweden
KATARA – Melodic Death Metal – Romania
DESCEND INTO DESPAIR – Cluj-Napoca, Romania
GRIMAZE – Bulgaria

The organizers have announced that 12 more bands are expected to join the festival!

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