TUMIR are joining the concert of SOL SISTERE

TUMIR are joining the concert of SOL SISTERE

Something is sneaking into the Darkness. Once among the Tumirs, there were so good narrators that God Tangra himself would come down to listen to them. All their lives the Tumirs wandered around covered with long black hoods and stared with their unseeing eyes at the supreme God of the Bulgarians...

“Tumir was a special sect among the Bulgarians, which consisted of seven narrators. Kahn Yuvigi, the supreme ruler of the Bulgarian people, was the head of the Tumir Sect. They were special people, chosen by God Tangra personally; they remembered the whole history of the Bulgarians since the ancient times. They traveled around the Bulgarian land and told tales and real stories that had become legends and myths.

To prevent the history of the Bulgarians from being taught and used against us by our enemies, it was divided in different parts, and each Tumir knew only his part. This was done because the story of our people's successes and of the battles we had won was encoded in our history. Only on the great celebration of our people, which took place every seven years, the Tumirs gathered together and told the whole story of our people. The tribe would silently listen to Tumir's stories for the whole day.

Legends tell that once among the Tumirs there were so many talented narrators that God Tangra himself would come down to listen to them. It was believed that listening to the Tumir's stories was like communicating with Tangra because he was constantly present in their tales.

For the rest of the time, the Tumirs would wander around Bulgarian lands bringing their stories in the farthest yurts. Receiving a visit from a Tumir was a great honor, and he was considered the dearest guest."
Tokoraz Histo

The Day, in which the Tumirs will visit Sofia is coming. Let there be the third band! Let there be TUMIR!

TUMIR willingly responded to the invitation of Autumn Souls Of Sofia to come and tell their zealous stories. They chose the date July 22, and club Live & Loud will turn into our improvised yurt.

This will be an evening of mysticism and unheard secrets. A night of worship for Ancient Gods and Outstanding Truths.

Get yourself a pass and become part of the Initiates. From the special celebration on which TUMIR urges you to gather. And it will not cost much - just 10 BGN at