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HYPOTHERMIA Tickets to the Underground Extreme Metal Festival Autumn Souls Of Sofia

The Autumn Souls Of Sofia 2017 Festival, that will take place on 25 and 26 November 2017 in Sofia at Club Live & Loud  needed something to balance the storm of emotions. The Swedish project HYPOTHERMIA, who have confirmed their participation at the event, will do that.

HYPOTHERMIA was founded in 2001 and they have always been associated with their black metal roots, but they have been constantly developing their ritualistic expressiveness extending beyond the genre and becoming something new.

For the unprepared listener the work of Kim Carlsson turns out to be a pretty bitter pill to swallow. He has been in bands like Kyla, Lifelover and Life Is Pain, and it is enough just to look at the names of the bands to understand that we will not listen to lively music for the joy of life.

Already in 2003, the first demo of HYPOTHERMIA "Saphien Irretable" appeared, then came a lull until 2004, when negativistic music unleashed a disaster on the heads of fans - three editions.

Such efforts can not go unnoticed and soon Mr. Carlsson released the first split "Lead Yourself To Failure" with the no less depressing Durthang. This album features quite depressing sound (even for the genre) and an atmosphere of complete hopelessness. An edition with Dimhymn followed and it was fairly well received.

In 2006, Kim Carlsson issued the debut of HYPOTHERMIA "Veins" that came through the label Insikt. The edition was limited to 1000 copies on CD and 500 tapes. That same year was quite fruitful for the project. Three more splits were released (with Aska, Svartnar and Arkha Sva), and a second studio album - "Köld". Antihumanism Records, however, did make sure the album would become a cult. Its entire edition is only 150 copies on tape and "Köld", to put it mildly, remained inaccessible.

In 2007, HYPOTHERMIA released their third album "Rakbladsvalsen", distributed by labels Total Holocaust and Those Opposed Records. One issued it on CD, the other on tape. The rest is history, which you can follow yourselves.

So ten years after these events Kim Carlsson is currently preparing the sixth studio album of HYPOTHERMIA and a new EP, and in the autumn we will see it on stage in Bulgaria, along with Santino van der Aa., Hans Cools, Phil A. Cirone.

"Join them in the black mass." – Hypothermia

HYPOTHERMIA Tickets to the Underground Extreme Metal Festival Autumn Souls Of Sofia


The rest of the bands confirmed so far include:
Svarttjern (Black Metal, Norway)
Nocturnal Depression (Depressive Black Metal, France)
Imperium Dekadenz (Black Metal, Germany)
Saille (Black Metal, Belgium)
Fausttophel (Melodic Black-Death Metal, Russia, Ukraine)
Woebegone Obscured (Blackened Funeral Doom, Denmark)
Khaospath (Ungodly Black Metal, Sweden)
MartYriuM (Blackened Industrial Death Metal, Malta)
Illumenium (Post Grunge, Estonia)

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