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SVARTTJERN Tickets to the Underground Extreme Metal Festival Autumn Souls Of Sofia

Autumn Souls Of Sofia have announced the next band which will participate in the festival of extreme music Autumn Souls Of Sofia 2017 on 25 and 26 November 2017 in Sofia at Club Live & Loud and this is SVARTTJERN.

The festival Autumn Souls of Sofia 2017, will become more and more interesting. The next band which will participate in the event on the 25th and 26th of November, will drive a nail through the coffin of your inner peace. They come from the fatherland of black metal – Norway and bring upon us the true face of nihilism and inhumanity. They will mark the misanthropic path towards an unholy war, led by Satan himself. The founder of this infernal horde is an important figure in the Norwegian black metal scene. He comes from a band, whose name is a synonym of the Apocalypse in the Norwegian mythology. And if you haven’t guessed them yet…

Dear friends, welcome their Infernal majesties SVARTTJERN! We are honored to give you an unforgettable night with them as guests.

SVARTTJERN Билети за ъндеграунд екстремен метъл фестивал Autumn Souls Of Sofia

Four studio albums and thirteen years of history mark their career, which started in 2003, when two brothers – HansFyrste and HaaN created a black metal duo. With time they decided to include other musicians as well, in order to have more live shows and to develop the band. That’s why later the same year Skabb, Grimdun and Ffjellnord joined SVARTTJERN and started to work on their first demo. The band centered around the creation of their own unique sound. Skabb left and Terror became the bassist of SVARTTJERN. With this line-up, they made their first record, named just “Demo”. It was released in 2007/8, but very few copies were made and they were mainly send to different labels.

SVARTTJERN signed with Schwarzdorn Production and moved towards the process of recording their first full length album “Misanthropic Path of Madness, released on the 13th of February, 2009. This truly misanthropic creation received a positive reaction from the critics. During the same year they signed with Agonia Records and oversaw preparations for the second album. The result came upon the world in a combination of misanthropic formulas and TNBM, named “Towards the Ultimate”, released through Agonia Records in 2011.

The next two years were dedicated to touring and spreading their Chaos through the world. They decided to cut the relations with Agonia Records and in 2013 they started to work on their third album, released in the beginning of 2014 through NoiseArt Records. Their work paid off in an amazing album – “Ultimatum Necrophilia”. During the same year they started touring with band such as Behemoth, Cradle of Filth, Inquisition and In Solitude. After the touring the band was in haste to return in the studio and to record the next piece of infernal brutality.

In the year 2015 they changed their label with Soulseller Records and in the same year the bassist Sgt. V left because of personal matters and was changed with Malphas. Thus ”Dødsskrik" was born, the fourth full length album, which was released in the past year, bringing Chaos and Terror upon the realm of mortals.

If you felt that you are a part of this hellish world and if the Norwegian black metal is your way of life, then mark the 25th and the 26th of November in your calendar. You won’t regret it. We promise!

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SVARTTJERN Tickets to the Underground Extreme Metal Festival Autumn Souls Of Sofia

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