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FAUSTTOPHEL Tickets to the Underground Extreme Metal Festival Autumn Souls Of Sofia

Autumn Souls Of Sofia have announced the next band which will participate in the festival of extreme music Autumn Souls Of Sofia 2017 on 25 and 26 November 2017 in Sofia at Club Live & Loud.

The next band to join the third edition of the autumn festival Autumn Souls of Sofia 2017 is the Ukraine-Russian band FAUSTTOPHEL.

Ukraine has always been synonymous with good music projects, so the next band poster of Autumn Souls of Sofia 2017 comes from there. FAUSTTOPHEL gathered together in 1999, in Poltava, Ukraine. In 2001, however, they split up to reunite in 2009 almost in the original line-up including senior members Alexander Chumak , Vyacheslav Willinvest , Alexander Adams Savinykh. They renewed musical activity this time in Obninsk, Russia, and the line-up is complemented by Valentine "MAU" Samokhin.

In April 2012, they began to record their first album "Жажда забвения" which was released on 31 July 2013 by Another Side Records, and in it session musicians participated as well. Having stabilized the line-up, in the following 2013, the band took on touring and preparing material for a new album. This was the album ...Sancta Simplicitas... that came out early last year. Currently the band is working on new material and getting ready to be Autumn Souls of Sofia's guest.

FAUSTTOPHEL are a black metal band that does not adhere to the strict canon style. They experiment constantly with the compositions combining them with the old school sound of the genre by not using very polished sound, opposed to the majority of the bands nowadays. Despite the tragic events that led to the disbanding at the beginning, they still manage to get back again. The ten years long pause hasn’t stopped FAUSTTOPHEL. They are still rooted in the genre, keeping the mysticism of Gogol’s Ukraine and the softness of their folk music.

They have a special treatment for poetry. Spoken word, fragments from poems of the Silver Age era, combined with the melodic Ukrainian language. All this filled with aggressive blast beats, massive and fast guitar riffs and obscure renditions. The musicians craft their art masterfully, combining ice and fire. This musical creation has forged the specific sound of FAUSTTOPHEL.

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FAUSTTOPHEL Tickets to the Underground Extreme Metal Festival Autumn Souls Of Sofia

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