WOEBEGONE OBSCURED at Autumn Souls Of Sofia 2017

at Autumn Souls Of Sofia 2017

WOEBEGONE OBSCURED Tickets to the Underground Extreme Metal Festival Autumn Souls Of Sofia

Autumn Souls Of Sofia announced the next band which will participate in the festival of extreme music Autumn Souls Of Sofia 2017 on 25 and 26 November 2017 in Sofia at Club Live & Loud.

The bands announced so far are: Illumenium from Estonia, MartYriuM from Malta, Khaospath from northern Sweden and Imperium Dekadenz from Germany.

Happy or not quite. If you feel under the pressure of seasonal depression, this time because the spring began subtly sneaking in then the next band will just prove that there is nothing good. Neither in Mondays, neither in spring, nor in the idea to exist somewhere.

Autumn Souls Of Sofia present to you the Blackened Funeral Doom band - WOEBEGONE OBSCURED. They come from the country of Hamlet, Denmark. Their music imbued with sincere grief and despair will surely make you ask yourself: "To be or not to be?"... And it will do it repeatedly.

Revived like a phoenix from the ashes of a solo project Rimfrost of Danny Woe (not to be confused with the Swedish Rimfrost) WOEBEGONE OBSCURED form a band in really interesting circumstances. At a time when Danny Woe was admitted to a psychiatric clinic, filled with hatred and disgust, depression with suicidal thoughts. The seeds of future subjects of the band were sown and germinated in the deep sound of the project.

In the coming years WOEBEGONE OBSCURED was growing with new members and the first album Deathstinatio came out in 2007, reissued in 2011 by I, Voidhanger Records Italy, where the combination of the two beautiful mind of Danny Woe and K Woe gave as a final result the first album.

M Woe joined the band and participated in the creation of the second album Marrow of Dreams. A monolithic 80-minute piece woven from deep personal pain and doom, woven on ethereal dreamy basis. This masterpiece was released in 2013 again by I, Voidhanger Records. Meanwhile Q Woe and Andreas Grønkjær also joined to create Marrow of Dreams and take an active part in framing the next editions of WOEBEGONE OBSCURED.

Musicwise WOEBEGONE OBSCURED seek to combine the ominous and mysterious expressed by their slow pace. Epic with progressive influences in heavy music, not afraid to show downright ugly. Far from respecting the norms and showing no hesitation in showing it as it is.

Listening to WOEBEGONE OBSCURED is like swimming in the unknown and secretive corners of your brain with paralyzed limbs, but moved by the thoughts that are traveling to understanding new spiritual layers, song after song...

Recent performances of the band are: Mono Goes Metal Festival (DK); Metal Magic Festival (DK); Dark Mental Festival (DK); Kaldet fra Dybet Festival (DK) - 2015 European tour with Ophis (DE) and Marche Funèbre (BE). As you know by now, we’ll be expecting them in Bulgaria on 25-26 November 2017 as part of the festival Autumn Souls Of Sofia 2017 and will see them in the following line-up:
Danny Woe: Vocals, Drums, Keyboard
M Woe: Guitar
Q Woe: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Andreas Tagmose Grønkjær: Fretless Bass, Cello

If you missed the magic Esoteric last fall, do not miss WOEBEGONE OBSCURED next fall!

WOEBEGONE OBSCURED Tickets to the Underground Extreme Metal Festival Autumn Souls Of Sofia

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