SAILLE at Autumn Souls Of Sofia 2017

SAILLE at Autumn Souls Of Sofia 2017

Autumn Souls Of Sofia announced the next band which will participate in the festival of extreme music Autumn Souls Of Sofia 2017 on 25 and 26 November 2017 in Sofia at Club Live & Loud.

Saille means “willow” in Irish. The band started as a one-man project of Dries Gaerdelen – keyboards. Without the intention of going on, while he was recording the debut album, back in 2009, he decided to make a real live band. Thus, by the summer of 2010, Saille were a full band, with a guitarist/vocalist, a drummer and a second guitarist, who became a permanent member after the studio sessions.
A distinctive feature of Saille is the consistent incorporating of real classical instruments (e.g. cello, violin, cornet, trumpet, euphonium) into their compositions and they always invite a number of session musicians, who help with the recording process. Their black metal influenced songs include harsh vocals, low and deep growls and even clean vocals.

Their first album “Irreversible Decay” was released back in 2011, after a year of hard work and the involvement of a big number of session musicians. The album was released in the spring of 2011. The first concert of the band was at the Graspop Metal Meeting festival in June 2012.

The Belgians have 2 other albums – Ritu (2013) and Eldritch (2014). An interesting fact about Ritu is that it was recorded with the guest vocalist Dennie Grondelaers, who is heavily influenced by H.P. Lovecraft and Cthulhu, the album has the same lyrical themes and musically it is a lot “darker”. The album is mastered by Tom Kvålsvoll in Strype Audio, famous for his work with black metal classics like Mayhem, Emperor, Arcturus, Limbonic Art, Ulver, Vreid and many others.

Now the band works on their next album Gnosis, which will be released on the 13th of March, by Code666 Records, who released their previous albums as well.

Saille made a lot of concerts with bands such as Negura Bunget, Napalm Death, Belphegor, Rotting Christ, Marduk, Asphyx, Moonspell, Septicflesh, Eye of Solitude, Impaled Nazarene, Nargaroth, Thulcandra, Cradle of Filth and many others. The last concerts of the band for 2016 were at Dark Easter Metal Meeting, Ragnarök Festival and Summer Breeze Open Air.

Their concert plans for this year include Autumn Souls of Sofia 2017, so if what you’ve just read about this Belgian band caught your attention, you can see them live this autumn.

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Vocals - Dennie Grondelaers,
Guitars - Reinier Schenk,
Guitars - Collin Boone,
Drums - Kevin De Leener,
Bass - Kristof Van Iseghem

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