About Us
In the eTicketsMall system you can find tickets for:
  • opera
  • theater
  • cinema
  • circus
  • concerts
  • festivals
  • exhibitions
  • museums
  • sports events
  • transport

eTicketsMall offers only electronic tickets, which the Users should print themselves, with their own equipment and at their own expense.
eTicketsMall does not offer tickets for events / trips whose organizers do not accept e-tickets.
eTicketsMall does not offer printing and sending the tickets by courier or by mail and tickets purchased from eTicketsMall cannot be obtained from a ticket center / office of eTicketsMall.


  • We provide quick access to the maximum number of users to the tickets of interest to them;
  • We save the customer’s time;
  • We save the customer’s money, by eliminating delivery costs;
  • The customer has access to his ticket immediately after the payment is confirmed, but he can print it when it is most convenient for him.

    • The tickets generated by the system of eTicketsMall have high level protection and each ticket has a unique bar code and identification number.
    • A ticket generated by the system of eTicketsMall, can only be used once for entry to the event, after which the bar code will automatically be deactivated by the system.
    • The sale of tickets is limited to a certain number of tickets for each event.



    • In order to facilitate customers, we offer the following payment methods:
    • by credit / debit card
    • by ePay
    • by EasyPay


    • The software of eTicketsMall is designed so that it allows adding interactive plans of the venue to allow customers to order tickets for specific seats or a particular sector, where applicable.


    • We provide fast access to maximum number of customers;
    • eTicketsMall is launched with a bilingual version (English and Bulgarian) and thus provides access to customers outside Bulgaria;
    • Is it technically possible to sell tickets for an event within minutes;
    • The organizer does not have to print tickets as eTicketsMall will generate tickets on their behalf;
    • Easy and quick access to information on ticket sales at any time without having to gather information from multiple ticket sale points;
    • In case of cancellation of an event at your request we can refund by bank transfer on your behalf the money to customers who bought tickets for the cancelled event through eTicketsMall, which will eliminate queues of customers in front of your office.
    • We are sparing the organizer:
    • costs of salaries and social insurance of personnel;
    • costs of collection activities;
    • maintenance costs of the ticket sales points;
    • losses from fraudulent acts of its employees, for example. admission of spectators without tickets;
    • cost of printing tickets.


    • We offer the Organizer the opportunity to advertise upcoming events on the ticket. Thus, your ad will go directly to a specific target group: a customer who has bought a ticket for a jazz concert is also likely to show interest in the next jazz event you organize.
    • There is also a possibility for advertising on the eTicketsMall website, where the audience is more diverse.