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EasywayFit - EMS Fitness


@easywayfit The most advanced fitness technology EMS.

Note! After purchasing the EasywayFit subscription, please book a coach at a convenient time for you, using the contact form!

Easywayfit EMS FITNESS


Easywayfit EMS FITNESS 
11, Nikolay Liliev, Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria

What do you get?
TIME! – From the moment you walk into the training hall to the moment you leave – showered and toned there are no more than 60 minutes.
EFFICIENCY! – An EMS workout replaces 5 classic fitness workouts!
UTILITY! – Say goodbye to the sore joints and stretched tendons!
BEAUTY AND HEALTH – Cardio Workout for 15 minutes! It is possible only with EasywayFit! And it is equivalent to 2-hour classic cardio exercises!

Workout lasts 30 minutes instead of the standard 25 minutes.
Lymphatic drainage massage is 10 minutes instead of 5 minutes.
You will burn more than 1,500 calories per workout.
100% individual approach to every client.

Easywayfit EMS FITNESS

Easywayfit is your way to get in shape by following a program specially designed for you without having to spend hours in the gym.
If you prefer to avoid crowded gyms and want personal attention from trained professionals whose sole purpose are your results Easywayfit is the perfect choice for you.

What does EasywayFit offer?
Just what you need: individual training methods tailored to your goals and capabilities.
During the workout you're the center of attention. Our goal is your success.
The method of electrical muscle stimulation combined with an active workout helps muscle development and your tone. This method should not be confused with "training" lying down so often used in beauty salons!
Electrical muscle stimulation combined with low exercise and reinforcing exercise helps burn fats up to 10 times faster compared to regular gym workout. The core and the key of Easywayfit’s efficiency lies in the simultaneous stimulation of the whole body.
Since all muscle groups are exercised at the same time, the average training session length is reduced to one sixth. During a standard gym workout only one muscle group would be trained at a time which means 15-20 minutes of workout time for each group. If training includes 4 exercises with 10 series that makes 40 muscle contractions throughout the workout of a given muscle group.
On the other hand, with Easywayfit you train all muscle groups and within only one second muscles are subjected to 30-40 micro muscle contractions. Moreover, during training with Easywayfit you stimulate also muscle groups that are already used, which means that during a 15-20 minute Easywayfit workout the trainee experiences 36 000 muscle contractions throughout the body.
The training vest and shorts are the heart and soul of Easywayfit. They are made of strong, lightweight, anti-bacterial, breathable and easy to clean fabric specially designed so that it provides the perfect and necessary electrical conductivity of the normal flow of YOUR 20-minute workout.

Easywayfit EMS FITNESS

Why Easywayfit? Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is EMS training?
EMS stands for Electric Muscle Stimulation or electro-stimulation.
In fact, EMS is a complete body workout. We all know that normally our muscles contract through electric impulses that are emitted by our brain. EMS is using namely this effect. Instead of bending and stretching through brain impulses, muscles are stimulated by an external source of electrical pulses. During the training the EMS effect contributes significantly to the intensity of the exercises and increases their effect by times compared to a conventional workout.
Your results will improve significantly if you train with EMS!

2. What are the benefits of EMS?
EMS can be found in gyms, spas, beauty and wellness salons worldwide. This technology is also used by many professional athletes, such as the great runner Usain Bolt.
Here you can see one of his workouts with equipment similar to that offered by Easywayfit.

Elite athletes use EMS, to improve their performance, strength and speed. Physical therapists use electrostimulation when a more cautious approach to joints and damaged tendons is required. Personal fitness trainers, gyms, beauty salons oriented towards health beauty treatments, speeding up metabolism, burning excess fat – these are some of the many applications of this innovative technology.

3. Can I train for a long time with EMS?
YES! You can train with the same duration and frequency as in the usual fitness workouts. Strength and endurance of the muscles grows and is maintained only by perseverance in training. If you stop exercising for a while, your muscles will return to their original state. Just as they would, if you stop going to the gym where you normally train with heavy weights and conventional exercises.

4. Why EMS training is much more efficient than conventional fitness activities?
The complete EMS training activates 90% of muscle fibers without overloading them. Unlike the regular workouts, electro-stimulation reaches the muscles in depth. This increases the external and internal cell coordination. Therefore, exercises affect the body much faster than if you just workout without our devices. The effect that you will feel with our programs and equipment can reach up to 18 times the workout without them.

5. Is the current that passes through the body during exercise dangerous?
No. Training and treatment with low-frequency current stimulation is not dangerous.

Our muscles work continuously. During this process small internal electric pulses initiate any movement. During the workout with current stimulation they are further amplified by external EMS source. So, EMS stimulation is not extrinsic to the human body. It just helps it in his work.

6. What are the requirements to be able to train with EMS?
No need to meet any special requirements in order to keep fit with our workouts. Every healthy person can benefit from an effective EMS. Only some specific physical conditions, or severe forms of the disease, which exclude active sports would prevent the person from working out, but that's true of any other method of training. Among them are poor cardiovascular health, availability of life-sustaining implants, pacemakers, etc. All this will be clarified in advance with your coach before you start your workout and you would be able to decide for yourselves whether to undergo the training or not. Easywayfit insist on perfect health for their clients. That's why they offer EMS.

7. How much time will I save with EMS?
Our free time is important and valuable. Too valuable to be spent in activities of questionable effectiveness. Easywayfit combines the idea of saving personal time and keeping excellent physical shape without compromising either of them. 30 minutes of EasywayFit workout will leave you feeling the load that will be enough to stay energized and happy with yourself. We recommend that you exercise 2 to 3 times a week for maximum results.

8. What are the benefits of the overall EMS training?
When muscles work, the secretion of glands and blood circulation are stimulated. Increased blood flow has a positive effect on the skin and body toning, and cellulite is decomposed. EMS workout improves body productivity. You feel more flexible, robust and you'll get tired much harder.

9. Can I lose weight with EMS?
Yes. As soon as you start exercising you will lose inches from your measurements. Further the fat stores will also be attacked. You will also burn more calories in everyday life because of the increased muscle activity, which means that the energy consumption of your body increases. EMS training is a great addition to change in diet to lose weight effectively.

10. How quickly will I see the results?
You will feel more vital already after the first workout with our coaches. Visible results as a change in posture will occur after a few workouts. Reducing the measures, strength increase and improved appearance of your skin will be clearly seen after 4 to 6 weeks of training depending on your individual situation at the beginning of the training process. Your eating habits are also important in light of the results achieved.

11. Is it appropriate for me if I have not practiced anything in years?
EMS training encourages people who are out of sports shape because of daily routine. This can give you a boost to get to know your body better, the joy of physical activity will be back and you will feel how your muscles stretch.

12. Are there any adverse side effects?
No. According to years of research there are no side effects for healthy people. Quite the contrary there are many positive effects of the EMS training. Electrical therapies are used in sports and medicine since the 50s of the 20th century.

13. Can the EMS harm my heart?
No. Low frequency pulses affect exclusively striated skeletal muscles and do not affect the internal organs or the heart.

If you have any other questions about training and the services, contact EasywayFit by phone +359 89 388 0898 or write at contact@easywayfit.com. They will be happy to answer your questions and provide further information to you.


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